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Online accounting for small business owners

The team at Rewire see firsthand the challenges small business owners face every day. It’s tough running a business – dealing with customers, managing staff, staying on top of stock and controlling your finances, all at once. And that doesn’t even cover all the balls you have to juggle!

We’re small business owners too and know your struggles. We love accounting but we know some business owner’s don’t! We’re here to help.

Let us show you a new way to keep on top of your accounting that is easy and provides better information. Better accounting means better business decisions! Save time and easier on your brain. Win-win!

So you can sleep at night

We take pride in knowing each one of our clients and their businesses. We understand the importance of accurate information helping you make smart business decisions.

Our accounting services use Xero, the world’s best cloud accounting software and other fantastic apps. We hire qualified & experienced staff and adhere to the strictest professional standards. This ensures you remain compliant so that you can sleep at night.

We’re not “once a year” accountants

We’re proud supporters of small business and believe your business deserves an accountant who values your impact. The team at Rewire aren’t accountants you only hear from once a year. The value of accounting and business advice comes with collaboration. We enlist a proactive approach. Meaning we make sure we come to you with money-saving ideas or ways to grow your business on a regular basis.

How we help

We designed the services at Rewire with small businesses in mind. We love to work with passionate, entrepreneurial, growth-minded business owners. Who need someone to take care of the financial side.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll
  • corporate year ends
  • financial statement preparation and interpretation
  • budgeting
  • cashflow forecasting and analysis
  • tax preparation (personal & corporate)
    and more

If you’re looking to grow your business but don’t want to deal with the headache of accounting anymore, talk to Shelley and the team at Rewire.

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